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Sierra is devoted to holistic, heart centered livelihood that heals and nourishes from the inside out.

Sierra is yoga student and teacher, massage therapist trainee, earth steward, song carrier, free spirited dancer, and health foodie. She believes through tuning into the body and soothing the mind, the truth of the heart can shine. She believes supportive healthy practices can increase our capacity to be present and enjoy our lives.

Sierra uses movement and touch as medicine. She is a student at Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts. She has been practicing yoga since 2010. In 2016, she began her teaching practice after studying at the Mystical Yoga Farm and earning her 200-hour yoga certification. She has taught yoga in various settings, in the work place to retreat centers. Her yoga practice and teaching style is dynamic, breath-focused, playful, and loving. She bows deeply to teachers who have influenced her practice: Bill Dial, Janani Ayni, Mindi Batson, Bodhi Deva Ma, Shannon Femenia, Mark Whitwell, and many more.

Aligned with her spiritual path and mediation practice, she is fortunate to be a staff member at Spirit Rock Meditation Center where she helps people register for silent retreats.

Currently working with organizations like Sowing Sadhana, Sierra supports the next generation of women to connect with their own body wisdom, spirituality, the natural world, and each other as sisters.

Sierra's work interning with Emily Potter of NourishMint Wellness grew her passion and knowledge for holistic health, and inspired her work as community health worker and health coach in 2016.

Her degree in Child Development and Family Relations from the University of Idaho in is an extension of her deep care for human development and connection.


"My all day yoga retreat with Sierra Rose was incredible. I enjoyed it all, from the opening tea ceremony, to the yoga practice, to the afternoon cacao and everything in between. Sierra made us all feel comfortable and honored. I'm looking forward to joining her again when she is in our area. Namaste."

Bonnie Schonefeld | Kooskia, Idaho, USA

"Sierra has a presence that resonates with the vibration of joy and equanimity. She thoughtfully guides participants deeper into their heart/mind using voice, breath, movement and intention. I worked with Sierra at several venues when I lived in San Marcos, Guatemala and she helped me to regulate my nervous system after a very traumatic life change with her calm, compassionate demeanor and intuitive knowing. She is more than your typical yoga instructor. She embodies and transmits the heart of what it means to be a truly present human being and her powerful presence helps soothe the soul."

Bodhi Deva Ma | Concord, North Carolina, USA


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