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This is a sanctuary for vibrant wellness, empowered healing, and soulful living.

It's an honor, and no coincidence, that you are here.

The way we all can best contribute and show up in a good way in this world today, I believe, is by caring for our bodies, minds and hearts. To be in loving alignment with ourselves, to care about the foods we eat, the way we move, our connection to our essence, this inevitably reflects in our external environments.

The way I can best contribute to the world at this moment in time, is to offer a sanctuary for this kind of care, to facilitate healing, to hold space for what is, to support and witness you on your own unique wellness journey. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to make something last, go together.

Join me for virtual wellness coaching, yoga, or massage.

This body is our temple, housing our precious minds, hearts and souls.

Let us tend. 


A bit about me...

I am devoted to holistic, heart-centered living that heals and nourishes from the inside out. Based in Northern California, my work in the healing arts takes form through yoga, massage, and wellness coaching. I am a free spirited mover, dancer, earth steward and  health foodie. I believe through tuning into the body and soothing the mind, the truth of the heart can shine. I also believe that supportive healthy practices can increase our capacity to be present and enjoy our lives.

Feeling joyful, connected, and vibrant in my body wasn't always the case. I overcame many of my own struggles with negative self talk, body image and emotional overeating to find my inner voice and self love to truly live in my body as a temple today... click here to read more.

"Sierra has a presence that resonates with the vibration of joy and equanimity. She thoughtfully guides participants deeper into their heart-mind. She helped me to regulate my nervous system after a very traumatic life change with her calm, compassionate demeanor and intuitive knowing. She embodies and transmits the heart of what it means to be a truly present human being and her powerful presence helps soothe the soul." 

J.H. | Concord, North Carolina, USA

"My all day yoga retreat with Sierra Rose was incredible.
I enjoyed it all, from the opening tea ceremony, to the yoga practice, to the afternoon cacao and everything in between. Sierra made us all feel comfortable and honored. I'm looking forward to joining her again when she is in our area. Namaste."

B.S. | Kooskia, Idaho, USA

"Sierra's bodywork is nurturing and relaxing, and she took the time to find out about what was going on in my body and spend extra time there. I find her energy to be really warm and her touch intuitive and almost maternal. Highly recommend a session with her to replenish and care for yourself."

J.B. | Woodacre, CA, USA


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